About Paul

Paul Christopher was born in Wisconsin on June 21st. Paul's earliest musical influences were recordings of Merle Haggard, John Denver and Jim Croce. As a child Paul was especially captivated by the acoustic guitars played in church. Not until much later did he pick up a guitar.

During the winter of 1983 while living in Truckee California (Lake Tahoe) Paul met next door neighbor Maxwell Snow who showed him a few chords and loaned him his guitars. During 1983 and 1984 in California he wrote many songs and began to find his own musical voice. Through the mid to late 80's Paul returned to Wisconsin, went to school and played drums in local bands "Four on the Floor" and "The Wise Guys".

Paul would consistently play acoustic solo during every break the band took and soon began booking himself as a solo entertainer. Paul and his band mates Marv and Mitch Treutel along with Freddy and Jimmy Nichols recorded Paul's first album "Paul Christopher" in 1989. After being well recieved on local radio Paul was asked to open many concerts for National touring acts coming through Wicsonsin.

In 1991 Paul and the Treutel brothers set out for Nashville. Paul stayed for three years and recorded 2 more albums before moving to Florida in 1995. For the next ten years he played more than 400 shows a year up and down Florida's Space and Treasure coast. During those years he was also invited to entertain in Bremen Germany for the European Space Alliance. Those few shows became something more and he soon was playing full blown concert tours all over Germany and Switzerland.

Paul recorded his only live album in Bern, Switzerland in 2000, simply titled "Live at the Mahogany Hall". Today Paul has three wonderful children, is crazy about his friend Carrie Lynn, and stays "pretty close to home". He plays locally six nights a week and - other than an occasional concert date or spending time in Nashville in the recording studio - he is easy to find. He has two CDs out now. You can check out song samples at his Web site...